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Mast AdjustmentsAnon1Nov '75
First Aid EquipmentRoger Johnston3Sep '76
Mast Rigging on SunmaidArthur Hodge4Apr '77
Trailer BrakesP Dransfield4Apr '77
Care of SailsHood Sails5Sep '77
VHF Radio - UsingAnon7Mar '78
Trailer TribulationsMatildas10Dec '78
"Trailers, Brakes and Trailing - Revised"P Dransfield20Aug '81
Trailer CareAlfred Taylor22Mar'82
The Great Radio MysteryIan Gloster23Sep'82
Front Runner Cabin Lining MaterialAlan Burney26Jul'83
Replacing Sunmaid Centreboard CableArthur Hodge26Jul'83
Care of SailsHood Sailmaker26Jul'83
Coaming Lockers for SunmaidsAlan Burney27Sep;83
Boat Trailer Service (Hornett Marine Engineering)Andrew Horne27Sep'83
Heaving-to in a SunmaidGordon Evans28Dec'83
Cast Aluminium Sunmaid Rudder BoxesCommittee29Mar'84
Compasses in BoatsDept of Transp't29Mar'84
Sunmaid Keel Cable Replacement - UpdateEditor29Mar'84
Refrigeration for Trailable YachtsIan Gloster29Mar'84
Marine Radio for Trailable YachtsIan Gloster29Mar'84
Maintaining the Sunbird Keel WinchIan Gloster29Mar'84
Refrigerating your SunbirdMike O'Donnell30Jul'84
Precocious OutboardsH Waymouth31Sep'84
Refrigerating your Sunbird Wes Tyson &Ian Gloster32Dec'84
Outboard MotorsAlan Burney33Apr'85
Anchors and AnchoringIan Gloster33Apr'85
The Magnetic CompassJim Virgo34Sep'85
Mast Raising on a SunmaidAlan Burney36Apr'86
Check List for Buyers & Sellers of 'Maids & 'BirdsAlan Burney36Apr'86
Replacing the Centreboard Cable (Reprint)Arthur Hodge36Apr'86
Outboard OverboardAlan Burney37Sep'86
Sunmaid Bow RollerGil Lundberg37Sep'86
Rigging Field Day at CarrumTom Futcher37Sep'86
Whither Your OutboardTony Tossel37Sep'86
Trailer TalesTony Tossel37Sep'86
Trailer Wheel BearingsIan Gloster38Dec'86
Trailer Disc BrakesIan Gloster38Dec'86
FotheringGil Lundberg39Mar'87
Washing SailsHorst Figge39Mar'87
New Sunbird Rudder BladeTony Gibson40Jul'87
Marinising Trailer BrakesTony Tossel40Jul'87
Trailer TyresIan Gloster41Dec'87
Victorian Towing Regulations - 1988Royal Auto42May'88
Upgrading to VHF Radio?Ian Gloster43Dec'88
Trailer MaintenanceIan Gloster44Dec'88
Volvo Diesel MaintenanceIan Gloster44Dec'88
Replacement Petrol Tank - SunmaidPeter Huntley44Dec'88
Maintaining Marine HeadsRaritan44Dec'88
Tyres and WheelsBarry Holt45Mar'89
Batteries for Boats (Supplier now Superseded)Joe Hemingway45Mar'89
Trailers (Article to be treated with caution)RTA45Mar'89
The Sunmaid Angling RigTony Tossel45Mar'89
New life for Old Boat TrailersIan Gloster46Jun'89
Sunmaid RudderJoe Hemingway46Jun'89
Sunmaid Centreplate RemovalQld Ass'n46Jun'89
Sunmaid Fuel GaugeTony Tossel47Sep'89
Weather WisdomIan Gloster48Dec'89
Squelch on your Marine Band Two-Way RadioTony Tossel48Dec'89
The Sunmaid Vinegar StillTony Tossel48Dec'89
Diesel PowerIan Gloster49Mar'90
Towing TribulationsIan Gloster49Mar'90
The Great Towing FiascoIan Gloster50Jul'90
Spark Plugs - The Good OilTony Tossel50Jul'90
Measuring your Towball MassBrian Mecklem52Dec'90
Taking the Pull out of your PainterColin Palmer52Dec'90
The Great Towing Fiasco Revisited and RevisedIan Gloster52Dec'90
Some Thoughts on Sunmaid RiggingJohn van Bavel53Mar'91
Tips for Trailer Sailors and More Tips .....Tony Tossel55Sep'91
Waste Disposal on the Gippsland LakesIan Gloster56Dec'91
Are you Towing the LineIan Gloster56Dec'91
Trailer Wheel Bearing UpdateIan Gloster56Dec'91
The Restoration of a SunmaidJohn Yelland56Dec'91
Full Charge AheadIan Gloster57Mar'92
Towing Tribulations - RevisitedIan Gloster57Mar'92
Stainless Steel Sink/Mast Support/StormboardsJoe Hemingway57Mar'92
Love That VolvoIan Gloster58Jul'94
Beat the Battery BluesIan Gloster58Jul'95
Jib Sheet Attachment MethodAlan Burney59Sep'92
"Batteries, Batteries, Again!"Ian Gloster60Dec'92
Skin Fittings - Beware!Ian Gloster60Dec'92
Port Albert 1992 and Subsequent ActivitiesMax Cameron61Mar'93
The Bilge Pump - or No Sunmaid Without OneFred Walder62Jul'93
Centre Plate Solution - SunbirdIan Gloster64Feb'94
The Saga of the New Outboard MotorMax Cameron64Feb'94
Volvo Diesel MaintenanceIan Gloster66Sep'94
Going SolarRay Bouvet66Sep'94
Barge Board - Make Your OwnTony Tossel66Sep'94
Flag EtiquetteAlan Burney67Feb'95
Trailer Wheel Bearings UpdateIan Gloster67Feb'95
A Shackle MishapRay Bouvet67Feb'95
Jib Sheet Attachment Method RevisedAlan Burney68Jul'95
Flags Rae Sinclair &Ray Bouvet68Jul'95
Water Tank LeakRay Bouvet68Jul'95
Tender MomentsIan Gloster69Sep'95
Early Mariners Find Their WayMax Cameron69Sep'95
Outboard Motor Night at Regal MarineIan Gloster70Dec'95
Towing Regulations RevisitedIan Gloster70Dec'95
Boat Trailer TyresIan Gloster70Dec'95
Sunmaid and Sunbird ChainplatesIan Gloster70Dec'95
Tips on TidesIan Gloster71Mar'96
Boarding Step for SunmaidGraham Duncan71Mar'96
Balancing the RigIan Gloster71Mar'96
Renewing the Trailer SpringsAlan Burney72Sep'96
More on ChainplatesAlan Burney72Sep'96
Bubbles in the Bilge Sunmaid Hull RepairBruce West73Dec'96
Leaking Water Tank RevisitedJoe Hemingway73Dec'96
Ravia Methylated Spirit Stove ProblemsMax Cameron73Dec'96
Trailer LightingAlan Burney73Dec'96
Murphy Revisited - Trailer Brakes & Boat RudderPeter Shepard74Mar'97
Sunmaid Rudders (May be out of date)Secretary74Mar'97
Water Under tthe FloorMax Cameron75Aug'97
Is Your Fuel Tank Really Leaking?Max Cameron75Aug'97
Winch Maintenance - Powerwinch ModelsAndrewBeechey77Mar'98
Depth Sounder/Log Installation Alan Burney77Mar'98
Thoughts on a Sunbird Refitting ProjectPhillip Walker77Mar'98
Check Your Pass TrailerCol Palmer78Jun'98
Sunmaid 20 Centre PlateAlan Burney78 Jun'98
Seaphone What? Ian Gloster78 Jun'98
Plugging the Dyke!Ian Gloster78 Jun'98
Change Your Water Pump Before Too Late Max Cameron79Oct'98
GRP Repairs and Paint FinishesIan Gloster79Oct'98
Green Toilet ChemicalsJoe Hemingway81Mar'99
Sunbird Trailer RebuildJohn Warburton81Mar'99
Headsail Furler for SunmaidAndrew Hunting81Mar'99
Sea Going Mobile PhonesIan Gloster81Mar'99
National Towing Regulations - Good News or Bad?Ian Gloster81Mar'99
River and Tidal Flow TechniquesMax Cameron82Jul'99
Budget Volvo ServiceIan Gloster82Jul'99
Sail MaintenanceColin Jarman82Jul'99
Sewage Tank SimplifiedIan Gloster82Jul'99
Ship's TimeKen Foxworthhy84Dec'99
Sunmaid Centreplate Cable - Revised Editor84Dec'99
What's Wrong with Modern Ocean Racing YachtsWarwick Hood86Jul'00
Sunmaid RudderAlan Burney86Jul'00
Setting up the Hayman Reese HitchIan Gloster88Jun'01
Battery BasicsIan Gloster88Jun'01
Towing TimesIan Gloster88Jun'01
A Tale of Two Sunmaids - Centreplate Case Work.MaxC & BarryA89Oct'01
The Physics of the FridgeAlan Burney91May'02
Sunbird Electrical WiringBarry Holt92Sep'02
Sunbird 25 Centreplate OverhaulBarry Holt92Sep'02
Oh No! Not the O-rings?Graham Duncan92Sep'02
A New Trailer for Elker DaleMax Cameron93Apr'03
Sunmaid Towing in the SnowMax Cameron94Sep'03
Trailer OverhangRoads Corp95Mar'04
Keel Cable Replacement PuzzlePeter Jeffery95Mar'04
Editor's MailbagEditor95Mar'04
Sunmaid Icebox - Ideas for Better CoolingRobert Bacon96Jun'04
Outboard MotorsAlan Burney97Nov'04
Trailable Yachts - Towing RegulationsVic Roads97Nov'04
Repairing Damaged GRPAndrew Hunting97Nov'04
Sunmaid Centreplate Repair in TasmaniaMark Pepper98Aug'05
New Bow Fitting Required After Botched Repair Max Cameron99Dec'05
Sunmaid Restoration in NSWJohn Dwyer99Dec'05
Transferring between Dinghy and SunmaidMax Cameron100May'06
Sunmaid Trailer RebuildPeter Jeffery100May'06
Sunmaid Maintenance ProblemsEditor100May'06
Sunbird Salt Water Cooling-Fresh Water FlushingBarry White100May'06
Trailer Wheels - A cautionary TaleMax Cameron101Dec'06
A Tale of Seamanship Self TaughtMax Cameron102Apr'07
Sunmaid Mast Raising and LoweringEditor102Apr'07
"Of Droughts, Floods and Trailers"Tony Matheson103Mar'08
Editors Mailbag No 2Editor103Mar'08
A Sunmaid Mast Repair ProjectMax Cameron104Oct'08
Winch Repair - Sunmaid Headsail WinchMax Cameron105Apr'09
Bent Mast Repair - SunmaidPeter Jeffery105Apr'09
PV Charge ControllerPeter Jeffery106Dec'12
Trailer Brakes Max Cameron106Dec12
Sunmaid Maintenance IssuesMax Cameron107Jun'10
Anchors AweighPeter Jeffery108Sep'10
Anchor Selection & Anchoring for TrailablesIan Gloster108Sep'10
Trailer Wheel Bearing Seals - Cautionary NoticeEditor109Jan'11
Which Propellor?Max Cameron109Jan'11
A Docking Aid or No More Crushed FingersMax Cameron110Nov'11