SunMaid 20


DesignerJ B Brooke MRINA (NZ)
Australian ManufacturersC D and E M Hall (1975 to 1981)
Bolwell Fibreglass (1981)
Length Overall6098 mm (20' 0")
Length Waterline5212 mm (17' 1")
Beam2287 mm (7' 6")
Draught - Plate up381 mm (1' 3")
- Plate down990 mm (3' 3")
Displacement - Minimum820 kg (1807 lb)
Ballast - In skeg272 kg (600 lb)
- In plate60 kg (132 lb)
Ballast Ratio40%
Average Towed Mass1450 kg (3195 lb)
Mast - Length7620 mm (25' 0")
- SectionE 7650 (105 mm X 74 mm)
Boom - Length3020 mm (9' 11")
- SectionE 7658 (59 mm X 80 mm)
Headroom (in cabin)1372 mm (4' 6")
Construction - HullSolid hand laid GRP
- DeckFoam and timber sandwich GRP

Sail Plan

Mainsail6700 mm2700 mm7220 mm9.76 sq m (105 sq ft)
No 1 Genoa7160 mm3580 mm6930 mm12.10 sq m (130 sq ft)
No 2 Genoa6250 mm2900 mm5640 mm 8.36 sq m (90 sq ft)
Jib5640 mm2290 mm4720 mm 5.58 sq m (60 sq ft)
Storm Jib4240 mm1910 mm3050 mm 2.79 sq m (30 sq ft)
Spinnaker7620 mm4570 mm7620 mm 30.67 sq m (330 sq ft)


  1. All glass mouldings constructed in excess of Lloyd's requirements.
  2. Lead ballast fitted externally up to Sail No 31 and in skeg after sail No 31.
  3. Ballast in skeg does not exert sailing strains on centreplate or its casing.
  4. Galvanised 12 mm (1/2") steel swing centreplate is easily raised by a simple winch mounted in the cockpit.
  5. Yacht has self-draining cockpit and self-rights to AYF and JOG requirements with sails sheeted in and centreplate raised.
  6. Four full-sized bunks - double vee berth and two quarter berths.
  7. Well planned galley area including 126 litre (4.5 cu ft) insulated ice-box, methylated spirit stove, sink with water pump, concealed plate and cutlery racks and plenty of cupboard space.
  8. 55 litre (12 gallon) inbuilt fibreglass water tank.
  9. 27 litre (6 gallon) inbuilt fibreglass fuel tank with deck filler.
  10. Self-draining covered anchor well on foredeck will accommodate a 6 kg spade type (Danforth) anchor with chain and rope.
  11. Yachts produced before Sail No 200 were fitted with an external sliding main hatch. Later yachts were fitted with a sliding main hatch inside an external envelope.
  12. Swing type aerofoil rudder blade secured in place by friction locking device.
  13. Through the mast roller reeefing for mainsail was fitted as standard to all yachts. Many yachts are also fitted with slab reefing systems.
  14. Mast and boom constructed from anodised aluminium sections.
  15. Standing rigging includes forestay, backstay, cap shrouds, lower shrouds and inner forestay, all made from 1 X 19 stainless steel wire.
  16. Backstay and inner forestay are adjustable.
  17. Long, low centreplate housing barely protrudes above cabin floor.
  18. Barlow No 15 sheet winches.
  19. Strong anodised aluminium toe rail strengthens and protects yacht.
  20. Mainsheet traveller mounted at aft end of cockpit - does not cause obstruction to crew work in cockpit.
  21. Ample stowage area below all bunks, galley unit and cockpit.
  22. Outboard motor auxiliary power (5 to 8 HP) mounted on adjustable motor bracket.
  23. Yachts constructed after sail No 200 are fitted with a full interior liner.
  24. Yachts are fitted with navigation lights - port, starboard and stern light.
  25. Yachts constructed after Sail No 259 have a modified interior layout, minor changes to the storage areas for fuel and water and have a cockpit locker.
  26. Space is provided in the cabin for a chemical toilet.
  27. Comfortable 100 mm bunk cushions.
  28. Two - 12v cabin lights are fitted.


  1. A PASS galvanised steel tandem trailer was designed especially for the Sunmaid 20 and is fitted with equalising suspension and override hydraulic drum brakes.
  2. The manufacturer's specification of the towing vehicle must be adequate for towing the combined mass of the SunMaid, its trailer (about 450 kg) and all the extra gear carried on board. The connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle, including the vehicle towbar and any load distributing hitch, must have a specified load bearing capacity at least equal to that of the towing vehicle.