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Please Don't Feed the GullsD Hemingway68Jul'95
Obituary - Chris Hall - Sunmaid Builder 1975-80Arthur Hodge36Apr'86
Report of the Death of J B Brooke from NZ Coronet Association59Sep'92
Trailer SailingAnon6Dec '77
Wharf Admiral's WifeAnon7Mar '78
Marlay MadnessTony Vuat7Mar '78
Around French Island MomentsP Dransfield10Dec '78
Nautical TermsGil Lundberg21Dec'81
The Art of LosingVarious24Dec'82
Wrap Up - NewsletterAnon26Jul'83
Ray Cook's Marlay Wild Point RaceRay Cook30Jul'84
Duffy Goes YottingDuffy33Apr'85
The Thoughts of an EditorJoe Hemingway33Apr'85
Catastrophic Incident of Epic Proportions-GeelongLisa Dransfield33Apr'85
The Truth About the Marlay Point RaceAnon34Sep'85
How to Avoid the Marlay Point RaceAlan Burney41Dec'87
"""Fubbs lll"" - What's in a Name?"Bill Tooth45Mar'89
Our Progress to a SunmaidBrian Lawson54Jun'91
Never AgainMick O'Brien55Sep'91
What Does That Mean?Mick O'Brien56Dec'91
Once a Jolly JumbukAlan Barnes68Jul'95
"Sunmaid Triumphs over Maxi - Jan 21, 1996"Mary Adler71Mar'96
Sad & Fatal Accident at Milang SAJohn Yelland73Dec'96
Going AgroundJohn Yelland73Dec'96
Polly Perkins and the Classy RodentDerwent SS74Mar'97
Obituary - Perce Walker 9/4/1916-1/7/1997Editor75Aug'97
Interesting Sidelights at The ChampionshipsChris Avery75Aug'97
Response to Interesting Sidelights at ChampsLt Cmdr Burney76Dec'97
Obituary - Harold Davis 8/9/1930-4/3/1998PeterDransfield77Mar'98
Thank you Note from Murray McRae - RGYCMurray McRae77Mar'98
The Joys of FlyingAnon84Dec'99
"Three Letters to the Editor (Pearce, Graf & Morris)"Editor85 Apr'00
Mishap off St Kilda - SaltpetrePeter Shepard85 Apr'00
Max and Doris SightedJoe Hemingway87Dec'00
Born before 1930?Ex Internet87Dec'00
From our Member in FloridaScott Morris87Dec'00
"Chance, Coincidence or What?"Ian McCormick87Dec'00
The Indispensible ManAnon88Jun'01
A Tale of the Ancient Mariner - No 1Joe Hemingway90Feb'02
Back to GeelongTim Matheson90Feb'02
Trivia - Herald Sun's Best HeadlinesFrom NHW90Feb'02
"The Flying Fish from ""Squeeze Me a Lemon"""Noel Dickson90Feb'02
The Barque Polly WoodsideMax Cameron91May'02
Health News Anon91May'02
Overseas SunmaidersWerner Schwind92Sep'02
Sunmaid ApprenticeshipPeter Jeffery94Sep'03
Sunmaid Moomba on the BeachJohn Sullivan94Sep'03
A Comic Opera at Barrier LandingMax Cameron94Sep'03
Obituary - Nevillie DransfieldEditor95Mar'04
A Tale of the Ancient Mariner - No 2Joe Hemingway95Mar'04
Bunged up in Bunga - Keel Cable Winch FailureJoe Hemingway95Mar'04
Launching Our Yacht - Sonata IlukaWayne McKay95Mar'04
How to Launch a PWC Sonata Notes95Mar'04
The Falkirk Wheel - Scotland's Great WheelKen Foxworthy96Jun'04
Four Winds Goes to South AustraliaPat Russell96Jun'04
Divine Madness' Role as a TV Star in NeighboursKen Foxworthy97Nov'04
The Buccaneers of Kangaroo Island - Eastern FMMax Cameron98Aug'05
A Tale of the Ancient Mariner - No 3Joe Hemingway98Aug'05
Obituary - Robert Campbell NSW Assn Secretary Joe Hemingway99Dec'05
The Twelve days of ChristmasAnon99Dec'05
The Origins of Yachting - Cleopatra to Cork John Hunt DSS99Dec'05
The Port of MelbourneAnon99Dec'05
The Way We WerePAYC101Dec'06
"Book Review - ""All Piss and Wind."""Joe Hemingway101Dec'06
Being Prepared - A Rescue in the SolentDSS News102Apr'07
Blue Peter Survives the FloodsPeter Jeffery103Mar'08
A Tale of the Ancient Mariner - The Last RitesJoe Hemingway103Mar'08
Final Fling - Divine Madness' Last HurrahKen Foxworthy103Mar'08
A Word from Former President Arthur HodgeEditor104Oct'08
Oyster Dredger Migrants' New Boat - Te TainuiDoug Horman104Oct'08
Mornington Mayhem - Melinda Aground in StormTony Matheson105Apr'09
"Sundries - Boat Covers, Trailer sailer Place, etc"Editor105Apr'09
Floating BandstandJoe Hemingway105Apr'09
Never the Bride from Sailbad the SinnerClub Marine105Apr'09
Obituary - Ray Cook (Sunmaid No 30)Editor106Dec'09
Bureaucracies - We Couldn't Live Without ThemSonata Notes106Dec'13
The Albatross Has Landed - Alan Burney ResignsJoe Hemingway107Jun'10
Impersonator Sighted at PaynesvilleJoe Hemingway107Jun'10
New Life Members for the Sunmaid AssociationIan Gloster110Aug'11