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"Geelong, Inaugural Races 1975 & Other Events"John Bennett1Nov '75
Geelong Series No 2 1976Bill Robbie3Sep '76
Aggregate Series 1976Bill Robbie3Sep '76
Aggregate Series 1977Anon4Apr '77
Geelong to Queenscliff Inaugural event -1977Anon4Apr '77
HandicapsBill Robbie4Apr '77
"MPONR 1977 Comments, Results "John Bennett4Apr '77
Victorian Championships - 1977Anon5Sep '77
Aggregate Series - 1977Anon5Sep '77
Victorian Championships - 1978Anon8July '78
Aggregate Series - 1978Arthur Hodge8July '78
Geelong to Queenscliff - 1979Anon11Mar '79
Are Spinnakers Necessary?David John11Mar '79
Aggregate Series 1978/9Chris Bradford1Jun '79
Victorian Championships - 1979John Bennett13Sep '79
Sunmaiders to Hobart on an East Coast 31Arthur Hodge15Mar '80
Australian Championships - PaynesvilleP Dransfield15Mar '80
Eildon Classic RaceSandra Connolly15Mar '80
Aggregate Series 1979/80Chris Bradford16Jul '80
Victorian Championships - 1980Chris Bradford16Jul '80
Marlay Point Race IncidentPhil Dack16Jul '80
1980 Sydney-Hobart RaceArthur Hodge19Mar '81
Australian Championships - 1980Chris Bradford19Mar '81
Victorian Championships - 1981H Davis20Aug '81
Australian Championships Report- Dec 1981Sandra Connolly2Mar'82
Victorian Championships 198Sandra Connolly23Sep'82
Aggregate Racing Series ReportSandra Connolly24Dec'82
Aggregate Series ReportCommittee25Apr'83
Report on Victorian Championships 1983Ian Gloster26Jul'83
Aggregate Series Interim ResultsCommittee28Dec'83
Australian Championships Report- Dec 1983Committee29Mar'84
Warneet Classic Race Report 1984Committee29Mar'84
Report on Victorian Championships 1984Committee30Jul'84
Aggregate Series - Post ChristmasBob Reeves33Apr'85
Marlay Point Race - 1985Bob Reeves33Apr'85
Aggregate Series - ReviewBob Reeves33Apr'85
Marlay Point Race - Sunmaid Ass'n ConcernsJoe Hemingway33Apr'85
Racing Report - Warneet Classic 1985Bob Reeves35Dec'85
Aggregate Series Wrap UpBob Reeves36Apr'86
Victorian Championships - 1986Bob Reeves37Sep'86
Victorian Championship Results 1975 to 1986David John37Sep'86
Warneet Classic & Cerberus Regatta - 1986Bob Reeves38Dec'86
Trailable Yacht Club Race - Nov 1986Bob Reeves38Dec'86
Hastings Yacht Club Race Report Feb 1987Bob Reeves39Mar'87
Around French Island Race - 1987 Bob Reeves39Mar'87
Aggregate Series Scoring System SuggeationIan Gloster39Mar'87
Victorian Championships - 1987Ian Gloster40Jul'87
Cerberus RegattaAnon41Dec'87
Racing ReportIan Gloster41Dec'87
Miscellaneous Racing TipsIan Gloster4May'88
Outboard Motors - The Case for RemovalIan Gloster4May'88
Australian Championships - Newhaven - 1988Tony Gibson4May'88
Victorian Championships - 1988Tony Gibson4May'88
Aggregate Races 1 to 3Tony Gibson44Dec'88
Marlay Point Race 1989Joe Hemingway45Mar'89
"Aggregate Races 4,5 and 7 - February 1989"Tony Gibson45Mar'89
Victorian Championships 1989Committee46Jun'89
Sunmaids Scoop the Pool at Port AlbertIan Gloster48Dec'89
Aggregate Races to DateIan Gloster48Dec'89
Victorian Championships - 1990Joe Hemingway50Jul'90
Marlay Point RaceKen Foxworthhy50Jul'90
The Steamboat Cup - 1990Peter Shepard50Jul'90
Aggregate Race 5 and Marlay Point Race -1991J Warburton53Mar'91
Lali Passage raceTony Gibson53Mar'91
Aggregate Series Points Scoring SystemTony Gibson54Jun'91
Aggregate Series 1990-91Tony Gibson54Jun'91
General Comments on the Racing Progam 1990-91Tony Gibson54Jun'91
Victorian Championships -1991Tony Gibson54Jun'91
Around Sunday Island RaceIan Gloster56Dec'91
Aggregate Race No 2 - Hobsons bayJoe Hemingway 56Dec'91
Marlay Point RaceS Foxworthy57Mar'92
Lali Passage Race - January 199Tony Gibson57Mar'92
Aggregate Race No 4 - Northern Western PortTony Gibson57Mar'92
Aggregate Race Series Progressive Points TableTony Gibson57Mar'92
VYC Trailable Yacht ChampioinshipsTony Gibson57Mar'92
Racing Report 1991-9Tony GIbson58Jul'92
Victorian Championships - 199Barry Holt58Jul'93
Around Sunday Island Race -199Ian Gloster60Dec'92
25th Marlay Point Overnight Race - 1993Editor61Mar'93
Around French Island Race - 1993 Ken Foxworthy61Mar'93
Another View of the Marlay Point RaceBill Haines6Jul'93
Victorian Champioinships 1993Joe Hemingway6Jul'93
Marlay Point Overnight Race -1993S Foxworthy6Jul'93
Corner Inlet Race 1994Bill Haines65Jun'94
Marlay Point Race 1994Bill Haines65Jun'94
Victorian Championships 1994Editor65Jun'94
Warneet ClassicPeter Shepard67Feb'95
Warneet Around French Island Race -1995Peter Shepard67Feb'95
Victorian Championships- 1995Joe Hemingway68Jul'95
Marlay Point Race -1995Ken Foxworthy68Jul'95
Airlie Beach Fun Race -1995Ian Gloster69Sep'95
Mt Gay Warneet Classic Results 1996Anon71Mar'96
"Around Corner Inlet Race January 27, 1996"Anon71Mar'96
"Pt Welshpool to Pt Albert Race Jan 28, 1996"Anon71Mar'96
Victorian Championships 1996Peter Shepard7Sep'96
Western Port Race Weekend Nov 23 -24Joe Hemingway73Dec'96
"Warneet Around French island Race - Dec 7,'96"Peter Shepard74Mar'97
"Marlay Point Overnight Race - Mar 8-9, '97"Ken Foxworthy74Mar'97
Victoria Championships - 1997Joe Hemingway 75Aug'97
"Around Sunday Island Race - Nov 1, 1997"Joe Hemingway76Dec'97
"Western Port Race Weekend Nov 22-23, 1997"Joe Hemingway76Dec'97
"Around French Island Race Jan 10, 1998"Joe Hemingway76Dec'97
"1997 Bendigo Trailable Classic Oct 4, 1997"Anon76Dec'97
Race Results - Warneet Classic & WP ChallengeAnon77Mar'98
Victorian Championships - 1998Joe Hemingway78 Jun'98
Goolwa Meningie Race Hit by SquallsAnon78 Jun'98
Around French Island Race - Nov 28. 1998Gary Reid80Dec'98
"Around Sunday Island Race Oct 31, 1998"Yarram News80Dec'98
"Western Port Races Nov 14-15,1998"Joe Hemingway80Dec'98
"Racing Weekend - St Kilda March 17-18, 1999"Joe Hemingway81Mar'99
Marlay Point Race - 1999Ken Foxworthy81Mar'99
Around Aust. Race'88 (Chasing Liquid Mountains)David Adams8Jul'99
"Queenscliff to Geelong Race - Nov 20, 1999"AndrewBeechey84Dec'99
Milang to Goolwa Race Results -2000Alan Burney85 Apr'00
Victorian Championships- 2000Editor86Jul'00
Marlay Point Race 2004Editor95Mar'04
Elker Dales 2004 Victorian ChampionshipsMax Cameron96Jun'04
"Geelong to Queenscliff Race Dec 4, 2004"Peter Shepard97Nov'04