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Western Port - Some of the HistroyJohn Sullivan52Dec'90
Marine PilotageBrian Lewis6Dec '77
Buoyage BasicsIan Gloster46Jun'89
Western Port Survey of Navifgation AidsMax Cameron74Mar'97
Proposal - Salt Water Into Gippsland LakesJim Dargie75Aug'97
Response to Jim Dargie - Salt Water in The LakesMax Cameron77Mar'98
PS to Max Camerons ResponseHerald Sun77Mar'98
The Quest to Establish Longitude at SeaMax Cameron78 Jun'98
The Duyfken and BataviaPeter Shepard79Oct'98
Ferdinand MagellanAlan Burney79Oct'98
Corio Bay Murray Mitchellhill84Dec'99
Signal FlagsKen Foxworthy86Jul'00
The Transit of VenusKen Foxworthy96Jun'04
Geelong Harbour - Restricted Zones (SonataMag)Vic Sargeant97Nov'04
Paynesville - Future PlanningJoe Hemingway101Dec'06
Raymond Island - Coastal Towns Design PlanRob Cook102Apr'07
Changes to Navigational Aids Gippsland LakesEditor102Apr'07
Raymond Island Urban Design UpdatePeter Jeffery103Mar'08
Lower Murray and CoorongCon Boerma105Apr'09
Port Improvements - Gippsland LakesEditor106Dec10
Lower Murray and Coorong UpdateCon Boerma106Dec'11
Changes in Gippsland LakesEditor109Jan'11
From our Paynesville CorrespondentJohn Waller110Aug'11
A New Entrance for the Gippsland LakesMax Cameron110Aug'11
The Derwent SkiffBrian Doig110Aug'11
From the SecretaryTony Matheson110Aug'11
Website and Twitter NewsEditor110Aug'11
From our Paynesville CorrespondentJohn Waller111Nov'11
Book Review: The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de CrowTim Simmons111Nov'11
Firebugs for FunBrian Doig111Nov'11
Sunlog Distribution and Website NewsEditor112Feb'12
From our Paynesville CorrespondentJohn Waller112Feb'12
Building a Small Wooden BoatBrian Doig112Feb'12
So Ypu Thought You Could SailMax Cameron112Feb'12
When SunMaids become SunMatronsEditor112Feb'12