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Cruising Areas: The Prom; W'port; Gipps LakesIan Gloster21Dec'81
Cruising Area: Spencer GulfIan Gloster22Mar'82
WhitsundaysBill Robbie1Nov '75
Moreton BayDon Charters1Nov '75
Cruising Gippsland LakesA C Jobling3Sep '76
French IslandBill Robbie4Apr '77
Refuge Cove P Dransfield4Apr '77
Whitsundays with Bobo llJim Brown5Sep '77
FNQ Cruising NotesBill Robbie6Dec '77
Western Port GroundingG Lundberg7Mar '78
Hervey BayP Lloyd7Mar '78
Fraser Island TripRon Bibby8July '78
Hawkesbury River RumbleBetty Dack9Sep '78
Tasmania Cruise PlansBob Dack10Dec '78
MallacootaArthur Hodge11Mar '79
Port Stephen and Myall Lakes Betty Dack11Mar '79
Sydney Harbour - Hawkesbury River CruiseDon Charters11Mar '79
Refuge Cove TripArthur Hodge12Jun '79
Sunbird Crossing of Bass StraitJohn Merrilees12Jun '79
Sydney Harbour CruiseLou Sommer12Jun '79
Tom's Tassie TraumaTom Delaney13Sep '79
Cruise from St Kilda to WilliamstownBob Dack14Nov '79
Cup Weekend - 1979Eliz. Styles14Nov '79
Murray River Cruise - Sep 1979Enid Webster14Nov '79
Gippsland Lakes Cruise after the RacesBob Dack15Mar '80
Cruising NotesS Connolly16Jul '80
Whitsunday CruisingBob Dack18Dec '80
"Cruising Reports: Maribyrnong, P.A; Werribee"I.G & Mary O'C24Dec'82
Mallacoota InletIan Gloster24Dec'82
Cruising Botany Bay by NSW Sunmaid Ass'n.Bob Campbell25Apr'83
Cruising Reports: Cleelands Bight: Gipps LakesIan Gloster25Apr'83
Cruising Reports for 1982/83Alan Burney26Jul'83
Cruising Spencer Gulf: Coffee Grinder/YaloanIG & David John26Jul'83
Cruising Reports: Yarra R: Werribee RAlan Burney28Dec'83
Cruising Report: Glenelg RiverDavid John28Dec'83
Cruising Reports; Corner Inlet; Refuge CoveIan Gloster28Dec'83
Cruising Reports:StKilda/B.Rock: W Port.Alan Burney29Mar'84
Cruising Report: Rye to QueenscliffAlan Burney30Jul'84
Cruising Report: Lake Tyers at Easter 1984I G and A B30Jul'84
Coral Cruising for Sunmaiders & SunmaidensIan Gloster30Jul'84
A Message from MallacootaMike O'Donnell30Jul'84
"A ""Cruise"" on Apollo lll (Shute Hbr to Mooloolaba)"Alan James31Sep'84
Chartering a Boat in the WhitsundaysColin Davy31Sep'84
A Different Easter Cruise on the LakesE & K Sharman31Sep'84
Where do You Sail in Wagga Wagga?Alan Nichol32Dec'84
Lake Wellington CruiseCommittee32Dec'84
Mud Island ApproachesDuncan Gray32Dec'84
Whitsundays - A Yachtsman's ParadiseIan Gloster32Dec'84
Cruising Lake TyersIan Gloster32Dec'84
Mallacoota Inlet - Christmas Cruise 1984Alan Burney33Apr'85
Western Port Cruise - February 1985Alan Burney33Apr'85
Corio Bay Cruise - March 1985Alan Burney33Apr'85
Gippsland Lakes Cruise - Easter 1985Alan Burney33Apr'85
Anzac Weekend Cruise - 1985Alan Burney33Apr'85
Corner Inlet Cruise - January 1985Ian Gloster33Apr'85
Long Weekend on Port PhillipJanet Reeves33Apr'85
Refuge Cove Cruise - January 1985Sandra Tyson33Apr'85
Cruising the MyallsAlan Nichol34Sep'85
Tooradin Pub Cruise - 1985Anon35Dec'85
Maribyrnong/Yarra River Cruise - November 1985Anon35Dec'85
Cup Weekend Cruise -1985Ian Gloster35Dec'85
Red Bill Creek - A Gunkholer's ParadiseIan Gloster35Dec'85
A Four-Day Experience Aboard a SunbirdVisitors35Dec'85
Pt Stephens & Myall Lakes Cruise - Xmas 1985H Waymouth36Apr'86
"River Murray, Goolwa & Coorong Cruise - 1985"Joe Hemingway36Apr'86
Corner Inlet Cruise - January 1986Joe Hemingway36Apr'86
Easter Cruise on Lake Tyers - 1986Joe Hemingway36Apr'86
The Whitsundays by SunbirdMike O'Donnell37Sep'86
Sequel to Whitsundays by SunbirdMike O'Donnell37Sep'86
Whitsundays CruiseBob Reeves38Dec'86
Anchoring in a SwellIan Gloster38Dec'86
Shoal Inlet CruisingIan Gloster38Dec'86
Yarra River Cruise Joe Hemingway38Dec'86
Northern Cruise John Sullivan38Dec'86
Newhaven CruiseWes Tyson38Dec'86
A Meander Down the MurrayDavid John39Mar'87
Spencer Gulf Cruise - 1987 - HighlightsIan Gloster39Mar'87
Christmas Cruise to Pittwater - WardooTony Gibson39Mar'87
Trip to the West for the America's CupBarry Wells40Jul'87
"""South by South East"" - (Tasmania)"Alan Burney41Dec'87
Western Port CruiseAnon41Dec'87
Whitsundays UpdateIan Gloster41Dec'87
Cruising Fraser IslandIan Gloster41Dec'87
Brisbane Waters CruiseJames d'Archy41Dec'87
Werribee River CruisePeter Huntley41Dec'87
D'Entrecasteau Channel & Tributaries CruiseAlan Burney42May'88
Cruising Reports for 1988Joe Hemingway42May'88
Ice breaker Cruise - October 1988Barry Holt44Dec'88
Queenscliff Cruise Barry Holt44Dec'88
"Handbook - ""Cruising the Port Albert Archipeligo"""Ian Gloster44Dec'88
History of the PromIan Gloster44Dec'88
Watsons Inlet - Western PortIan Gloster44Dec'88
The Cruising Dream - by a BoomaroosterNot Known44Dec'88
Gippsland Lakes Holiday - Diary of an AnarchistBruce Gilbert45Mar'89
Refuge Cove Cruise - January 1989Ian Gloster45Mar'89
Andersons Inlet CruiseIan Gloster45Mar'89
Around Phillip Island Cruise - Australia day 1989Kate Gibson45Mar'89
Mornington & Port Phillip Bay South Cruise Kate Gibson46Jun'89
Lake Tyers Cruise - Easter 1989Anon46Jun'89
The Whitsundays - AgainBob Reeves46Jun'89
Port Albert (4WD?) CruiseBarry Holt48Dec'89
Murray River TripBarry Wells48Dec'89
Ice breaker Cruise - Werribee RiverBrian Mecklem48Dec'89
Sandy Strait SolutionIan Gloster48Dec'89
Western Port Phillip Bay CruiseAlan Burney49Mar'90
Western Port Cruise - Australia Day 1990Joe Hemingway49Mar'90
Corner Inlet Cruise - March 1990Joe Hemingway49Mar'90
Three Sunbirds Cruise Sydney Harbour at XmasTony Gibson49Mar'90
The D'Entrecasteau RevisitedAlan Burney50Jul'90
Cruising the Flooded Mitchell RiverJoan van deVen50Jul'90
Cruise on the Lady NelsonAlan Burney52Dec'90
Gippsland Lakes RevisitedIan Gloster52Dec'90
Port Albert Cruise - Cup Weekend 1990Joan van deVen52Dec'90
Geelong Cruise and Easter CruiseBarry Holt53Mar'91
The Nits - for a Peaceful NightIan Gloster53Mar'91
Cruising TipsAlan Burney54Jun'91
Western Port Cruise -April 1991Barry Holt54Jun'91
Easter on Western Port -1991Max Cameron54Jun'91
Glenelg River CruisePeter Nyga54Jun'91
Glenelg River RevisitedDavid John55Sep'91
Clarence River CruiseRollo Luks55Sep'91
Yarra River Cruise Nov 1991 Alan Burney56Dec'91
Cup Weekend Cruise -1991Ian Gloster56Dec'91
Western Port Cruise - March 1992 Alwyn Burney57Mar'92
Mallacoota Inlet Cruise - Christmas 1991Max Stephens57Mar'92
Broadwater Fraser Island and Great Sandy StraitD&R Wimbush59Sep'92
Maribyrnong River Cruise - Nov 1992Alan Burney60Dec'92
Port Albert Cruise - Cup Weekend 1992Ian Gloster60Dec'92
Creeks & Harbours of Fraser Island - QueenslandIan Gloster60Dec'92
Pinduro's Whitsundays Odyssey - 1992B & S Docking61Mar'93
Goulburn River Cruise - 1993Joe Hemingway61Mar'93
Life on the Alma Doepel - A Voyager's TaleRiki Gibson61Mar'93
D'Entrecasteau Revisited - Again!A & A Burney62Jul'93
Lake Hume Cruise - Cup Weekend - 1993Ian Gloster63Nov'93
"Chistmas Cruise Wellington, Goolwa, Coorong"Joe Hemingway64Feb'94
Fisher's Tale of the Christmas Cruise Cherie &Ken Fisher64Feb'94
Western Pport Cruise - Labour Day 1994Ian Gloster65Jun'94
Werribee-Geelong Werribee Cruise March 1994Ian Gloster65Jun'94
Easter Cruise on Lake Tyers - 1994Joe Hemingway65Jun'94
The Huntleys Sunday Sail on the Sth China SeaPeter Huntley65Jun'94
The Bouvets Tour the LakesRay Bouvet65Jun'94
Werribee South to Queenscliff Cruise - Feb 1995Ian Gloster67Feb'95
Western Port Cruise Dec1994Ray Bouvet67Feb'95
Off to see the Northern Lights?Ian Gloster68Jul'95
Easter Cruise - Gippsland Lakes - 1995Joe Hemingway68Jul'95
Werribee-Queenscliff Weekend on Elker DaleMax Cameron68Jul'95
Murray River Cruise - Cup Weekend 1995Alan Burney70Dec'95
Ice Breaker Cruise - October 1995John Warburton70Dec'95
Wheeling our Way to Port StephensRay Bouvet70Dec'95
Cruising Pittwater and Hawkesbury RiverRay Bouvet70Dec'95
Western Port Phillip & Corio Bay Cruise Mar 9Alan Burney71Mar'96
Easter Cruising in Western Port - 1996R & J Bouvet71Mar'96
Anzac Weekend Cruise 1996Alwyn Burney72Sep'96
Ice Breaker Cruise - Yarra R. Oct 19-20John Warburton73Dec'96
Cup Weekend Cruise - Lake Hume Nov 2-5Alan Burney73Dec'96
Sunmaid Cruise in Western AustraliaRobyn Wimbush73Dec'96
Easter Cruise at the LakesAlan Burney75Aug'97
Anzac Weekend Cruise - Gippsland Lakes - 1997Alan Burney75Aug'97
Tropical Weekend Cruise - JakartaPeter Huntley75Aug'97
Cruising Report Cup Weekend 1997Alan Burney76Dec'97
Two Sunbirds in van Diemens Land - Sv & Coff GrrSherry Holt76Dec'97
Cruising Report - Lower Port Phillip Aust Day '98Alan Burney77Mar'98
"Cruising Report Western Port - Feb 14-15,1998"Alan Burney77Mar'98
Port Phillip Cruise March 7-9. 1998Joe Hemingway77Mar'98
Cruising Report - Myall Lake -Port Stephens 1997John Warburton77Mar'98
Cruising Report - Lake Tyers at Easter 1998Alan Burney78 Jun'98
"Maribyrnong River Cruise - Oct 17-18, 1998"Joe Hemingway79Oct'98
The Cruiser's LibraryIan Gloster79Oct'98
Fraser Island CruiseAndrew Hunting79Oct'98
Broadwater Brush - 1998Ian Gloster80Dec'98
Western Port Cruise Cup Weekend 1998Alan Burney80Dec'98
"Polly Woodside Cruise Nov 28-29,1998"Anon80Dec'98
Cruising Limfjord - DenmarkKen Foxworthy81Mar'99
Corio Bay Cruise - Australia Day Weekend 1999Alan Burney81Mar'99
Broken Bay & Hawkesbury R. Cruise - March'99Joe Hemingway81Mar'99
Cruising Report St Kilda to Queenscliff & ReturnJohn Warburton81Mar'99
Easter Cruising on Gippsland Lakes 1999Alan Burney81Mar'99
Cruising the Whitsundays - 1995 StyleTony Tossel82Jul'99
St Vincents Gulf Waters UpdateIan Gloster83Oct'99
"Queenscliff Cruise - March 11-13, 2000"John Warburton85Apr'00
Gippsland Lakes Cruise - Christmas 2000R & J Bouvet85 Apr'00
Voyage to Sydney on ShenandoahKen Foxworthy86Jul'00
Cruising Murray River by HouseboatAlan Burney86Jul'00
"Ice Breaker Cruise Oct 14-15, 2000"Joe Hemingway87Dec'00
River Murray Cruise - Cup Weekend 2000Barry Alderson87Dec'00
Narrow Boat HolidaySherry Holt88Jun'01
Exploring North ArmIan Gloster88Jun'01
Scandinavian Cruise - NorwaySwedenDenmark....Jutta Hosel88Jun'01
Southern Port Phillip Cruise Labour Day WE 2002Barry Alderson91May'02
Easter Cruise at Mallacoota -2002Barry Alderson91May'02
Anzac Weekend Cruise - Western Port -2002Barry Alderson91May'02
"Circumnavigation of Tasmania Jan26-Feb26, 2002"James d'Archy91May'02
The Hurtigruten - Norway CruiseKen Foxworthy92Sep'02
Limfjord Cruise - DenmarkKen Foxworthy92Sep'02
Cruising Report -Summer 2002-2003Barry Alderson93Apr'03
Going Around in Elker Dale - Around Phillip IslandMax Cameron95Mar'04
Australia Day Cruising - 2004Ken Foxworthy95Mar'04
England to New Zealand by Oyster Dredger Pt1Doug Horman95Mar'04
Easter Cruising - Gippsland Lakes 2004Andrew Hunting96Jun'04
England to New Zealand by Oyster Dredger Pt 2Doug Horman96Jun'04
England to New Zealand by Oyster Dredger Pt 3Doug Horman97Nov'04
Cup Weekend Cruise - 2004 - Murray RiverJoe Hemingway97Nov'04
England to New Zealand by Oyster Dredger Final Doug Horman98Aug'05
Tour d'Tasmania - D'Entrecasteau Revisited AgainAlan Burney98Aug'05
Autumn on the Gippsland LakesMax Cameron98Aug'05
Goulburn River Cruise - Cup Weekend 2005Ken Foxworthy99Dec'05
Blue Water Cruise - Southport to GeelongSteveCartwright100May'06
Don't Go Down Boiling Down Creek-Murray CruiseMax Cameron101Dec'06
Shiver me Timbers - A Whitsundays ExperienceBonnieMatheson101Dec'06
River Murray Cruise - Cup Weekend 2006Ken Foxworthy101Dec'06
Trailer Ssailing in the KimberleyFlo Barnett103Mar'08
Sunmaid in Bass StraitMax Cameron104Oct'08
We Sailed Right Past It- Eden to Green Cape Max Cameron104Oct'08
New Sunmaider's D'Entrecasteau ExperienceGerard Gelston104Oct'08
Cruising in Gippsland LakesMax Cameron107Jun'10
Around Phillip Island Cruise Max Cameron108Sep'10
Hawkesbury River Cruise - 2007LaurieCameron108Sep'10
Lake Eildon CruisingMax Cameron109Jan'11
Blue Water Adventure out of Jervis BayBob Phillips109Jan'11
Blue Peter Visits MallacootaPeter Jeffery109Jan'11
A gippsland Odyssey - Marlay Point RaceTed Rudge112Feb'12