Sunmaid.org,au is a small association of owners of SunMaid and SunBird class yachts.

It costs money to provide association services such as this website which includes SunLog, the newsletter of the association. Over the years we have collected and documented a great deal of accurate technical information and published it in SunLog.

Members pay a very small annual subscription (presently $50pa, for Victoria) so that we can pay association expenses. All members of the committee are volunteers but we need money for pettycash and for web and other publishing.

Upon joining and paying the annual subscription members are issued with a login and password for access to 20 years of Sunlogs. The index to content of the Members Only Section is public so 'would be members' can assess the scope of the section.

Current issues of SunLog are placed on the website as they are published, and members are notified by email, to read it on-line or print it.

Members of the SunMaid/Sunbird Association Committee invite email or phone contact from people considering buying a used SunMaid or SunBird yacht or from owners having maintenance difficulties.
Get accurate information from us.

SunMaid and SunBird Yachts are not available new so there are no "dealers" to contact as in motor vehicle buying. Call us instead. We are knowledgeable and not "on commission" from sellers. But, we are passionate about helping people safely enjoy sailing on these excellent yachts.

Call us for advice and help. But, be prepared to help cover costs by joining the Association. We will talk and supply authoritative documents free up to a point, but Association costs have to be covered.

Our members are volunteers, experienced sailors, knowledgeable about SunMaids and SunBirds. We are not paid employees.

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